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Divina Yo: Our menopause program

One can only embark on this journey until it happens to you. This program has been developed from my own need to bring together all the parts needed to confront this natural change with dignity and lovingkindness. Once I began to look for information, solutions, and understanding it quickly became clear to me that this natural change that happens to all women was left for us suffer in silence or to put together pieces. Luckily one of my students, Dra. Silvana Lagos an Internist was already working on this subject. Together we created Divina Yo. A multidisciplinary interaction that brings together all the parts needed for women to realize that this moment of change in our life is an amazing time when we are becoming fully realized as a woman and full of power; we just need to be guided through the process. Yes, the hot flashes, doubt, insecurity, loss of sexual appetite, thinking you look old will still be there but nevertheless we can help you understand that what is happening to you is normal, a part of life and that there is support, solutions, and you don´t have to suffer. Then maybe you just might be able to take a balanced perspective and feel empowered by this new era.



A 60-minute class without heat for all levels. If you have pelvic, hip or knee pain, experiencing incontinence or a prolapsed organ and want to tone your body this class is for you. Through various yoga postures, ballet bar training, and supported inversions you will challenge yourself in a non-striving, safe, and fun way. For those that think handstands or backbends at 50 years old or any age are impossible, you will be amazed! NOT JUST FOR WOMEN.


Send us a message, lets us help you design your life, restart your recovery or if you simply need some information. We are here to help.