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Our story

Our history starts back in San Francisco in the mid 1990´s when Lucia was on the quest to liberate herself of physical pain and the constant ups and downs of life. For many years she tried one yoga style after another until she found Mary Jarvis´s Global Yoga. Lucia suffered chronic Asthma and knee problems and after 6 months of practice she avoided knee surgery and no longer uses her inhaler.  Mary Jarvis compassionate and fierce yoga style has stayed with Lucia. So much love and respect go out to Mary for having the courage and the insight to go where no yogi had dared to go before. She has been Lucia´s hatha yoga teacher for over 2 decades.

In the late 90’s Lucia moved to Europe working for a telecommunications company. She accredits her mental and physical sanity and the ability to succeed in a high-pressure job to the yoga. She left the corporate world to dedicate herself to teaching yoga. In 2002, urged by her barrio she started teaching Bikram Yoga in her apartment and Bikram Yoga Madrid was born.

Her passion to share the amazing affects the yoga has with others grew into Bikram Yoga Madrid 2003, Bikram Yoga Barcelona 2006, Bikram Yoga Castellana 2010 and Bikram Yoga Sarria 2013. After years of mentoring and training teachers, running yoga schools and championships, child birth and survived menopause….Lucia has decided to focus her energy on this school and its community. We hope you will join us.



The road to this discovery can be full of “lions and tigers and bears”, and it could take a lifetime or few, but I hope that I can give a little help along the way. Yoga is not just about the physical body but one of the many possibilities from which we can use to free us from the trappings of the mind and eventually find a place of joyful equanimity.  My desire is to see people grow, self-realize and hopefully find some peace. Of course, if you just want to get into shape and sweat off the day why not do it with some compassion and a sense of humor.

She is a certified Bikram Yoga teacher, Los Angeles (2002). A Senior teacher for Bikram´s Yoga Teacher trainings from 2011 until 2016. International judge for Yoga Sports Championships for IYSF (2011-2016). Spanish Yoga Championship Sports Director (2011-2016). Sadhana Yoga Teacher Training, Madrid (2003-2004), Anusara Yoga Teacher Immersion Training, Madrid (2005-2006), instructor MBSR Foundations (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Oasis Institute UMASS, 2017 and instructor del program CCT, Compassion Cultivation Training, the Compassion Institute, Universidad de Stanford (EEUU) 2021.

Some tips for your adventure

Do not take yourself so seriously. Instead of trying to “do” a posture just live it. Yoga is simple; you just need to practice it. The beauty of the Bikram set series is that the class is never the same. You don´t need to do advance postures to go further, just be open and present with whatever comes up. When you get bored or catch yourself giving excuses or judging, remember that is your ego trying to hold on to habits that are hard to break; Just let it go. The beauty of yoga is that it is for everyone.


Our team

Welcome! We are a diverse group of individuals from all over the world that have been touched, moved, saved and/or impassioned by Yoga. We love what we do and want to share it with you. We have over 25 years of experience working with the body and mind. We hope to meet you soon.

Our beautiful studio in Barcelona

Please click on our video below for a quick tour of our sanctuary deep in the heart of the city….


Contact us

If you have any questions about any class or would like to ask our teachers anything please get in touch.