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Summer Hours from the 15th of June until the 3rd of September

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
  Bikram 90   Bikram 75  
Bikram 90
Bikram 90
  10:00-11:30   10:00-11:15   10:00-11:30 11:00-12:30
Bikram 90   Yin Yang   Bikram 75    
14:00-15:30   14:00-15:15   14:00-15:15    
        Bikram 90    
Bikram 90 Bikram 75 Bikram 90 Bikram 90 18:00-19:30    
19:00-20:30 19:00-20:15 19:00-20:30 19:00-20:30      
The school will be closed for vacations from the 16 to 23 of august.
7 days will be added to the expiration date of all valid card passes.


CHECK OUT OUR INTRODUCTORY OFFER OF 25€ for 4 classes of yoga during 1 week.

The best way to try our studio and classes.  If you are new to our studio and a resident of Barcelona come and see what we got to offer.


Online Classes

Yes, we have both! And you don’t have to choose one or the other.  Supplementing your regular classes with Online ones or vice versa is a perfect way to make the most out of your time and practice. Most of our card passes include Unlimited Online classes and or for only 29€ a month all you can zoom. And all classes are simultaneous to our in house classes so lots of options, attention and fun.


Send us a message

Allow us help you design your life, kickstart your recovery or if you simply just need some information. We are here to help.  Send us a message by filling out the form below or call the studio on 933025130