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Chitta Vritti Nirodha

An oasis in the heart of Barcelona

You will not believe that are in the center of Barcelona, the minute you step into the yoga studio the silence and the calm encompass you.  The yoga room looks out on to a garden patio with lots of light and serenity. The room is divided into 3 spaces allowing for an intimate private feeling while practicing with a group of people. 

In 2002 Lucia started the Hot Yoga revolution in Spain and we remain convinced that Bikram Yoga is the most universal, effective, restorative and accessible yoga system at all levels. However, we don’t just offer Hot Yoga but a whole body, mind and heart transformation. All classes are designed or chosen for their universal capability to transform. Whether it is Compassion cultivation, Bikram Yoga, a detox program, or wellness retreat you will experience a fresh, new outlook on life. And FUN. We know the importance that laughing and having fun can have while going out of your comfort zone.


What you will find at our studio

Someone who listens! Based on your needs we can tailor a program for you whether it is to get into shape or avoiding back surgery or wanting more compassion in your life, we have searched the world to find the best out there.

What’s going on at Bikram!

Our beautiful studio in Barcelona

Take a quick tour of Bikram Yoga, from the busy streets of Barcelona to the sanctuary of the studio!



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The best way to try our studio and classes.  If you are new to our studio and a resident of Barcelona come and see what we got to offer.

Design your life

When asked what this studio is about one word comes to mind, transformation. We have found that if you try to fix or change yourself you will be back where you started, unsatisfied and searching for change.  Our approach to health and wellbeing is based on universal principals that have been tried, tested and are ever adapting.  We work from a particularly important principle: there is nothing wrong with you, there is nothing broken, you just need to look inside and believe that everything you need is already there.   Our school and teachings are available to everyone. We are peaceful urban warriors that are working on being freed from suffering and living in abiding equanimity. If you want us to help guide you on the path don’t hesitate to call.

Hot Yoga

Bikram Yoga is more than Hot Yoga!  There is nothing better than a Bikram Yoga class at 40ºc to squeeze out all the toxins, body pain and stress. We believe that Bikram Yoga is one of the most universal, efficient, safest, and complete Hatha Yoga series that is accessible to all levels. “You are never too old, broken or sick to start again.” 60, 75 and 90 minute classes.


A 60-minute class without heat for all levels. If you have pelvic, hip or knee pain and you want to improve your strength  and flexibility, this class is for you. Through various yoga postures, ballet bar training, and supported inversions you will challenge yourself in a non-striving, safe, and fun way. For those that think handstands or backbends at 50 years old or any age are impossible, you will be amazed! NOT JUST FOR WOMEN.

Yin Yang Yoga

Yin yoga is a slower practice where postures are held for longer. It works on the deep, dense connective tissues and joints in the body. Yin is cool, slow, passive, downward, and inward moving. In contrast, Bikram Yoga (the Yang) is a more active practice that works on the muscles and blood flow, building strength, stamina and flexibility. Yang is more active, fiery, upward and outward moving.


Divina Yo is our multidisciplinary menopause program that brings together all the pieces necessary for women to realize that this time of change is an important stage in our lives when we become fully realized as a woman. You do not have to confront it alone, in silence or without grace. It is empowering time when you connect with the divine nature that resides inside of you. Check out our solutions.

Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is about creating a space, a breath, a pause before one gets carried away by thoughts, habits, and emotions which are the basis of our discomfort, stress, anxiety  and dissatisfaction. From this pause one can learn to take a more complete view of life and reality.


For 6 years Lucia has taken small groups of like-minded people on an adventure of mindfulness, yoga and self-care. It is a special time to take a step back from family and work responsibilities and see what makes your chi alive. Your family and friends will be so happy; maybe the next time they will come with you!


Pure spirit, open heart, free mind, for those that are looking for equanimity is this class. Our intermediate class that draws on the rich advance Bikram yoga practice of 84 postures. Not only will you learn new postures, but you will improve your concentration, flexibility, strength, and expand your limits. More advanced, more intense…more fun. It goes beyond the physical.


The hottest new workout in Barcelona. Inferno or HIIT Hot Pilates, combines the principles of Pilates with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), at a temperature of 35 degrees, and 40% humidity for 60 minutes. There is nothing better for burning fat, toning muscles and increasing endurance. Immediate results!

Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)

8 week course designed to develop the qualities of compassion, empathy and love towards oneself and others, promoting greater well-being, emotional balance, resilience and quality of life.

Workshops / Seminars

Always evolving, expanding our learning, we offer workshops and seminars from our own staff and with teachers from all over the world.  Check back regularly to this space to see what we are up to.

Private Classes

If you have an injury, want to avoid back, knee, pelvic floor or hip surgery or want to learn more about your limits, yoga, meditation we offer private classes tailored to your specific needs.

Detox Reshape Program

With each change of season we offer our famous Detox Reshape program. It is a combination of the powerful benefits of Bikram Yoga and a specific diet of fresh juices and ayurvedic recipes. You will cleanse and purify your body while providing energy and vitality. 



Online Classes

Yes, we have both! You do not have to choose one or the other.  Supplementing your regular classes with Online classes or vice versa is a perfect way to make the most out of your time and practice. Most of our card passes include Unlimited Online classes or for only 29€ a month all you can zoom. And all classes are simultaneous to our in-house classes so lots of options, attention and fun.

Current Covid Update

November 2021

The covid digital certificate will be mandatory to practice at the school from November 26 to December 10. 

We adhere to the guidelines established by the Generalitat de Cataluña. Our school is open and running at 70% capacity. All classes need to be booked in advance. We maintain a 1,5m distance between students. You need to bring a towel and mat to practice.


Latest News

Compassion Cultivation Training - 13.05 – 1.07

A few weeks ago we started our first Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT)  It is an 8-week program designed to inspire, awake, connect, feel, recognize the innate capacity that all humans have for compassion; not just for others but for one’s self. It is a courageous journey, as Emilia Earhart put:

“Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace, the soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things.”

The participants have been indeed courageous, investigating, sitting with, probing, opening to all that they thought they knew or did not know. We begin first with Mindfulness. This first step is simple in theory but difficult in practice. Once one begins to realize that there is not such a clear awareness of self-concepts, beliefs, feelings or even do I really like soy milk, the process just opens. It is like breaking the gates of a dam, woosh. And of course, the body, how does these sensations, thoughts, emotions feel in the body?  We are lucky to be able to take this into the yoga room and start to integrate the whole process.  We are now in the 3rd step of the process of Loving kindness and self-compassion. We have begun to open to the possibility to accept and be ok with all parts of ourselves, the light and the shadows. I must thank everyone participating, it is absolutely wonderful to feel and see this all evolving.


Please call or get in touch

No query is too big or small.  We are here to help with any request.  We will happily advise you and inform you as best we can.